Phyto Cellular

It’s the ultimate anti-ageing formula!

In the cosmetics sector, new developments occur rapidly. Scientists are always searching for whatever will keep the skin young for as long as possible. In the Lanèche laboratory we are also continually looking for just that. Given that stem cells have been discovered to be extremely valuable in the area of skin rejuvenation, Lanèche has decided to develop a Phyto Cellular treatment. Many tests done on stem cells have shown that they have a tremendous capacity for repair of our DNA. During the Beauty Innovation Treatment Program, we build up an optimal skin condition which we can ‘conserve’ by way of the Phyto Cellular treatment. The results that are achieved can be retained longer in this way.


Your skin characteristics

The stem cells that occur naturally in the skin are reduced as you get older. As your skin gets older, external influences, such as excessive exposure to UV radiation, will reduce the number of stem cells in your skin, causing a reduced vitality and recuperation ability of the skin. This skin is often unable to bind moisture, allowing the epidermis to dry out quickly. The skin is visibly sagging and wrinkles are present.


Phyto Cellular salon treatment

The Lanèche Phyto Cellular treatment has a cell-regenerating and protective effect. The stem cells in this product protect the condition of the human stem cells, resulting in an improved skin-cell division and skin-cell function. As a result, the skin will look young and firm for much longer. In short, this treatment gives your skin an intensive boost.


Phyto Cellular home care

For home use, the line consists of a Phyto Cellular day cream and a Phyto Cellular night care. The Pre Care cleansing products are for deeply cleaning your skin. The Special Care products are advised to give your skin additional stimulation.


The Lanèche products for home use

  • Phyto Cellular Cell protecting day cream
  • Phyto Cellular Cell protecting night care
Phyto Cellular daycream and night care