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The philosophy behind Lanèche is based on both feeding the skin and encouraging the skin to work on its own recovery and renewal. Lanèche products are therefore characterised by their dual effect; they not only bring nourishing and caring ingredients into the skin, but also stimulate the skin to regenerate and produce the skin's own components so that the skin repairs itself. Skin care of the highest level in which the condition of the skin is not only worked on from the outside but also from the inside.

Bring the skin into top condition

With the Beauty Innovation Treatment Program of Lanèche the skin is brought into top condition. This unique treatment plan consists of 5 levels that bring the skin into optimum condition step by step. The skin is first brought to the desired basic level after which you can grow to the next level. Each level includes appropriate, coordinated care products and treatment options that ensure that your skin is trained to reach the next level.

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