Hydra Plus

Does your skin feel dry and tight?

Skin care products for dry to extremely dry skin. Hydra Plus skin care products provide good hydration and also restore the skin’s ability to bind moisture.


Your skin characteristics

Your skin tends to feel dry and tight. You have fine, barely visible pores and the surface of your skin is mat. Your skin feels thin, has little resistance against and reacts quickly to harmful external influences. When you apply skin care products, they are absorbed quickly, but your skin feels dry again shortly afterwards.



It is not only important to hydrate the skin, but also to restore its ability to bind moisture. The Hydra Plus treatment with gel mask improves the cell metabolism, which stimulates cell regeneration. The protective and moisturising mask makes the skin firmer, slows skin ageing and improves the overall condition of the skin.


Home care

For home use, the Hydra Plus line also contains a Hydra Plus hydrating day cream and a Hydra Plus hydrating night care cream. The Pre Care cleansing products are for deeply cleaning your skin. The Special Care products are advised to give your skin additional stimulation.


The Lanèche products for home use

  • Hydra Plus Hydrating day cream
  • Hydra Plus Hydrating night care