Level 01 - Hydra Plus

For dry and dehydrated skin

Characteristics of the skin

Dry skin is easily tightened and lacking in fat (sebum). It has fine, barely visible pores and shows a matte skin surface. Flakes may also be visible. The skin feels thin, offers little resistance and reacts quickly to external influences.

Dehydrated skin is characterized by small, craquelike veins and is short on water. Dry lines and wrinkles may also be visible as a result of lack of moisture.




Did you know that oily skin can also be dehydrated or dehydrated?
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Hydra Plus 


The Hydra Plus line helps restore the skin's ability to achieve greater moisture retention to prevent moisture deprivation. In addition, the products work to hydrate and support the skin's ability to retain moisture.


LEVEL 1 hydra plus