Q10 Nutri Lift

Is your skin losing its firmness and elasticity?

Your skin is losing its firmness and is sagging as a result of moisture loss and loss of elasticity. As one gets older, the natural production of Q10 decreases and with it therefore also energy production in the cells. The result is that the cells in which Q10 production is reduced are extra sensitive to ageing. Thanks to the Q10 treatment, these cells are provided with the right tool to produce more energy, so that the oxygen absorption of the cells is considerably improved and the skin looks more radiant and younger once again. The elasticity is also increased and the skin becomes considerably firmer. Thanks to the extra addition of panthenol, this treatment is especially suitable for the dry, more mature skin types. With the Q10 Nutri Lift treatment, skin ageing can be slowed down considerably.


Your skin characteristics

Your skin is visibly losing firmness and elasticity. When you pinch your skin carefully between your fingers and let it go again, the skin slowly resumes its original form. In addition, the skin is thin, low in moisture and sensitive to harmful external effects. Skin ageing is clearly visible.


Q10 Nutri Lift salon treatment

If skin is losing its firmness and suppleness, it is no longer producing sufficient co-enzyme Q10. This shortage can be supplemented with the Q10 Nutri Lift treatment. The tightening and intensely moisturising products supply the skin with its own co-enzyme Q10. Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5, has a revitalising effect and regulates the moisture content in the longer term.


Q10 Nutri Lift home care

For home use, the line includes a Q10 Nutri Lift tightening day cream and a Q10 Nutri Lift hydrating night care. You can look after the skin around your eyes with the Q10 Nutri Lift tightening eye cream. The Pre Care cleansing products are for deeply cleaning your skin. The Special Care products are advised to give your skin additional stimulation.


The Lanèche products for home use

  • Q10 Nutri Lift Tightening day cream
  • Q10 Nutri Lift Tightening night care
  • Q10 Nutri Lift Tightening eye cream
Lanèche Q10 Nutri Lift