Level 01 - Skin Improvement

For Sensitive Skin

Characteristics of the skin

The skin reacts sensitively to certain substances such as soap and alcohol and may show redness, itching or an allergic appearance. The skin has fine, barely visible pores, appears easily irritated, may feel tight and is sensitive to temperature changes. When applying products, the skin often reacts with tingling or burning sensations.


A distinction can be made between sensitive skin and skin that has become sensitive.
Sensitive skin is genetically determined; you are born with it. Sensitive skin, on the other hand, develops over time and can have various causes. There are several factors that can make a skin sensitive such as the (work) environment factors, improper product use, stress or underlying skin diseases.

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Skin Improvement 

The Skin Improvement line for sensitive to hypersensitive skin brings the skin back to rest. Active substances such as bisabolol and allantoin soothe the skin and help it to build up more resistance to external influences.

LEVEL 01 skin improvement