Special Care – Extra care

To give your skin extra attention, you can use the Special Care items in combination with your daily skin care products. The Special Care line consists of serums, creams and masks with which you can give your skin a comprehensive and intensive treatment once a week. On the recommendation of your Lanèche Beauty Expert, the Special Care line may also be used as a course of treatments if your skin needs an intensive boost, for example, after a beach holiday, after surgery, during bleak winter weather or if your skin has become dry due to exposure to air conditioning.




Masks contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that are released onto the skin within a short space of time to give it additional stimulation. Apply the mask generously to the face, neck and décolleté, leave to work in for 15 minutes and then remove with tissues or damp cotton pads.


Special Care Vitamin-rich mask

This especially nourishing mask contains Vitamin A, B5, C, E and F. It stimulates the skin to form collagen and gives protection against free radicals, and keeps the skin in good condition.


Special Care Oxygen-rich mask

This hydrating mask enriches the skin with oxygen, improves the cell respiration and stimulates cell regeneration. It combines a firming effect with anti-ageing benefits and keeps the skin in good condition.




Special Care massage cream

This very rich massage cream contains a lot of hydrating ingredients that moisturise the skin during massage. This massage cream is suitable for both face and body.


Special Care hand cream

This soothing, hydrating and protective hand cream slows the skin’s ageing process. This cream has built-in UVA and UVB protection and neutralises free radicals.



Lanèche 21401 Special Care vitamin rich mask
Lanèche 21406 Special Care Oxygen rich mask
Lanèche 21411 Special Care hand cream