Level + Special Care

The Special Care line consists out of various serums, creams and masks that can be used to complement and intensify both salon and home care. 

Special Care Masks

The masks from the Special Care line are especially suitable for home use. Masks have a higher concentration of active ingredients that are released into the skin in a short time to give the skin an extra boost. Use the mask once a week in combination with a scrub or peeling. This keeps the condition of the skin up to par between salon treatments.

Special Care Serums

A serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients and is intended to supplement your daily care or to address a specific problem.
The Special Care serums can also be used as a course of treatment when the skin needs an intensive boost. For example, after a vacation in the sun, after an operation, during harsh winter weather or when the skin suffers a lot from, for example, heating or air conditioning.

Special Care Hand & Body cream

In addition to the face care, you'll also find a nourishing hand cream and moisturizing body cream in the Special Care line.

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