Special Care – Serums

The Lanèche Serums, which have a very high concentration of active substances, aim to produce a specific result. The serums give you the maximum result in addition to your daily beauty routine, and they provide supplemental care.


Special Care Hyaluron Serum

This Special Care Hyaluron Serum, composed on the basis of hyaluronic acid, a highly effective ingredient that is naturally present in the skin, has a moisture-binding and skin-rejuvenating effect on the skin. Hyaluronic acid absorbs a maximum amount of moisture. This absorption of moisture fills up the skin’s wrinkles from the inside out and stimulates the cellular activity of the skin. This maximum hydration ensures that the skin immediately looks fuller and more radiant. This serum is suitable for all skin types.


Special Care Calming Serum

This Special Care Calming Serum reduces the redness of the skin that accompanies rosacea and other skin problems. It has an intensive, calming effect which combats inflammation in the long term. It neutralises localised red spots, repairs small blood vessels and strengthens the blood vessel walls. As a result of its deep and calming effects, your skin undergoes visible changes. Your skin looks clear and radiant. This serum is especially suited to sensitive skin that is irritated and exhibits redness.


Special Care Vitamin C Serum

The high concentration of Vitamin C in this serum gives your skin a boost, protects it, and also stimulates collagen production. This antioxidant has an exceptionally hydrating effect, making the skin texture smoother and more even. The skin becomes thicker, tighter and stronger. The high Vitamin C concentration penetrates deeply into the skin and improves the skin’s texture, reduces fine lines and prepares the skin to absorb other active substances. This Vitamin C serum is suitable for sensitive, dehydrated skin with signs of rosacea, acne, sun damage or ageing.


Skin Recovering Serum

The Lanèche Skin Recovering Serum has been especially developed to restore the skin after intensive treatments. It returns energy to the skin, resulting in the rapid regeneration of sensitive skin. This serum softens and soothes the skin intensively. The highly concentrated active ingredients

help reduce any redness and irritation quickly. The skin is intensively hydrated and protected for an instant healthy-looking complexion.


Home care

The Lanèche serums are used both in the salon and at home. You can apply a serum after cleansing as extra care under the day and / or night care. A serum can also be applied in a cure: 15 days in the morning and in the evening after cleansing.


The Lanèche products for home use

  • Special Care Hyaluron Serum
  • Special Care Calming Serum
  • Special Care Vitamine C Serum
  • Special Care Skin Recovering Serum
Lanèche 21453 Special Care Hyaluron Serum
Lanèche 21452 Special Care Calming serum
Lanèche 21454 Special Care vitamin C serum