Special Treatments – Glycopeel

Peeling is the key word

Peelings are used to stimulate the natural cell regeneration of the skin and to get and keep your skin looking radiant. There are various types of peelings available for both home use and for use by skin specialists and beauticians. In addition to treatments used as part of the Beauty Innovation Treatment Program, Lanèche offers the specialist Glycopeel treatment, which is a type of chemical peeling.



In general, the glycolic acids in the Glycopeel treatment will result in an improved structure of the skin. The skin becomes more elastic and is better able to retain moisture. Glycolic acid is a very good moisturiser. It softens dead skin cells in the epidermis, resulting in improved skin metabolism. The epidermis is thickened from the inside out, causing wrinkles to fade and the skin to look younger. The skin in fact becomes thicker because new collagen is formed while the old collagen becomes more pliable.


Your skin characteristics

Your skin has impurities, pigmented patches, wrinkles or scars. It is also prone to local hardening, accumulations of sebaceous matter and/or infection. Your skin is unable to bind moisture, causing it to lose its firmness and elasticity.


Glycopeel salon treatment

Glycolic acid is a fruit acid that is known for its peeling effect, which keeps the epidermis thin and corrects clogged pores. In addition, glycolic acid stimulates the fibroblasts, which improves skin firmness. The Glycopeel treatment increases the skin’s moisture retaining abilities. In addition, the collagen and elastin fibres are stimulated intensively.


Home care

At home, you can prepare your skin for the Special Glycopeel Treatments by using a gel with 5% glycolic acid or 10% glycolic acid. This gel keeps the epidermis thin. As a result, subcutaneous blockages are removed more quickly, allowing active ingredients to penetrate intensively into the deeper skin layers. The gel also stimulates the fibroblasts, which makes the skin firmer.


The Lanèche products for home use

  • Special Treatments Glycopeel 5 %
  • Special Treatments Glycopeel 10 %


PF 21278 Special treatments glycopeel 5%
PF 21279 Special treatments glycopeel 10%