Level 02 - Skin Improvement Fleece

95% Collagen & 5% Aloë vera

Characteristics of the skin

The skin immediately reacts to certain external substances and shows redness or an allergic appearance. The skin has fine, barely visible pores, appears easily irritated, may feel tight and is sensitive to temperature changes. When applying products, the skin often reacts tingling or burning.


Did you know that aloe vera is one of the best natural remedies for minor skin burns? The thick, prickly leaves of this tropical plant contain a gel that has been used since ancient Egypt to soothe damaged skin. You therefore often see this ingredient in Aftersun products. It makes this mask particularly suitable for use during the summer or after a sun vacation.



Skin Improvement Moisturising Fleece mask

The Skin Improvement Moisturising Fleece mask is pleasantly refreshing and soothing. The fleece mask consists of 95% freeze-dried collagen and 5% Aloe vera. Collagen has a high moisture binding capacity, it helps the skin to attract and retain moisture. Aloe vera has a soothing effect which makes this mask very suitable for (extremely) dry and sensitive skin. Nourishes, softens and hydrates the skin intensively. Moreover, the mask does not contain any potentially irritating substances such as colorants, parabens or perfumes.

Hydra Plus Fleece Mask

The mask is shaped to the face and designed with openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. This makes it easy to apply the mask directly to the face. This hydrating and nourishing mask gives skin the perfect boost in winter, as dry skin can feel tight and thin now more than ever. Among other things, the hyaluronic acid in the fleece mask helps restore moisture to the skin.

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