Skin Improvement Fleece

Does your skin feel dry and tight?

This treatment makes use of a fleece mask with aloe vera and is ideal for dry, tired and hypersensitive skin.


Your skin characteristics

Your skin reacts immediately to specific external factors and looks red or allergic. You have fine, barely visible pores and your skin tends to become irritated quickly, which makes it feel tight. Your skin is sensitive to changes in temperature and when you apply skin care products, it stings or even burns.


Skin Improvement Moisturising Fleece salon treatment

The Moisturising Fleece mask with aloe vera is a pleasantly refreshing treatment. The fleece mask consists for 95% of freeze-dried collagen and for 5% of aloe vera, and is free of pigments, chemical additives and perfume. The mask is gentle on the skin and ideal for restoring balance. It softens and rejuvenates the skin.

This is an ideal treatment for dry skin with quick and intensive results.


Skin Improvement home care

For home use, the Skin Improvement line consists of a Skin Improvement moisture-regulating day cream and a Skin Improvement calming night care. The Pre Care cleansing products are for deeply cleaning your skin. The Special Care products are advised to give your skin additional stimulation.


The Lanèche products for home use

  • Skin Improvement Moisturizing day cream
  • Skin Improvement Moisturizing night care
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